Welcome to DSV Road, Inc.

Agent Program

As an Independent Agent of DSV, you are focused on selling safe, reliable transportation solutions.

Our Independent Agents are:

  • Supported by an exclusive team of experienced transportation personnel.
  • Given the technological support to source much needed capacity and meet client needs.
  • Privy to an extensive network of capacity that includes 43,000 TL and LTL carriers, access to major rail-lines and service providers, specialized equipment, warehousing and global logistics.
  • Provided with back-office operations, including but not limited to, carrier due diligence and pay, invoicing, collecting on receivables and managing claims.
  • Backed by a financially stable corporation that has been in business since 1977.
  • Provided a platform of freedom and ability to grow their transportation business to an extent that is acceptable for their own needs and business model.

Are you ready to take the next step toward the successful transportation business you desire?